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Camino Camper is the creation of designer Alex Leitner. As an outdoor enthusiast and keen overlander, Alex first began exploring Europe in his Westfalia T3 before moving to South America where his quest began to develop an off-road capable travel vehicle.

The first campers designed and manufactured were the Coati Campers. Built in Chile, these 4x4 truck campers are a popular sight on all Chilean overlanding routes. 

The company is now based in Spain and currently developing pickup truck campers and offroad trailers.


Camino Campers are exclusively built in composite materials and focus on lightweight, robust, and practical units with an elegant design both inside and out.

The latest model Camino 180 has recently been completed and is currently being tested extensively on a European overland adventure by Alex, his partner Cat, and their daughter Violeta.


Following the testing phase, we are looking for partners and manufacturers to help us scale the production of the pickup truck camper and a further range of models which have been designed and developed based on the existing molds. 

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